We're building a ledger for applications that require a highly scalable data availability layer.

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Low-cost Storage

Our chain is optimised for efficient data storage and availability, making storage more cost-effective.


The network stores block data collectively; the more nodes in the network, the greater the storage capacity.

Off-chain Execution

Applications can be built on top of LazyLedger and deployed on end-user clients, where execution is performed off-chain.

Academic paper

Want to learn more about the technical concepts behind LazyLedger? Read the academic paper, or have a look at the prototype.


Mustafa Al-Bassam

Mustafa has spent the last three years researching on-chain scalability. Most recently he co-founded blockchain scalability startup Chainspace (acquired by Facebook), which was spun-out during his time as a PhD student at University College London's Department of Computer Science. He has published a number of papers on blockchain scalability.

Ismail Khoffi

Ismail loves the sweet spot between research and hands-on engineering. With more than 10 years of professional experience as a software engineer, he has worked on a variety of projects in the higher education industry as well as in small to large companies (e.g. Tendermint, Google UK, the Decentralized and Distributed Systems lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)). In the last years he focused on blockchain scalability and privacy enhancing technologies.

John Adler

Self-proclaimed blockchain skeptic, John has a background in formal verification with a Master of Applied Science from the University of Toronto. Previously, he worked at the forefront of layer-2 and hybrid scalability research for Ethereum at ConsenSys, with a focus on increasing transaction throughput while maintaining permissionless and trustless properties.

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